Who we are
Eat Like Us! was founded to help real people achieve real weight loss, without the unsustainable gimmicks, fad diets, restrictive foods, on-site meetings, or large price tags of other weight-loss companies.
By delivering an easy, convenient, personalised program, Eat Like Us! empowers people to discover and embrace life-changing habits that help them achieve healthier lives and reach their weight-loss goals, regardless of age or lifestyle.
Since 2014, Eat Like Us! has helped Hundreds of  people  shed a phenomenal amount of pounds by delivering the most comprehensive, personal weight-loss program. Eat Like Us! is weight loss that fits.
How it works
Eat Like Us! is a leading health and fitness platform that is centered on the proven principles of calorie tracking and community support for healthy, sustainable weight loss. Members track their daily food intake and fitness activity, and can create goals, start or join community activities and competitive challenges, access coaches, and more.
What makes Eat Like Us popular?
At the core of Eat Like Us! are easy-to-use, convenient calorie and fitness tracking tools, as healthy diets and regular exercise are proven weight loss approaches. But weight loss is not a one size fits all program, and that's why Eat Like Us! works: Because Eat Like Us! makes weight loss personal. Eat Like Us! gives the members a personal vision  to make it easier for them to see the connections between eating habits, exercise, and meaningful weight loss.
Plus, with friends, groups, forums, and challenges, Eat Like Us ! takes peer support into the 21st century. Members can have their support network at their fingertips through the platform's social features, and can connect with friends, family, and peers for the support and positive feedback they need, whenever they need it. They can challenge one another, or take challenges together; they can work toward goals as a team as they work toward their own personal goals.
In addition, Eat Like Us! has pushed the envelope in the online coaching space, as the first to deliver a comprehensive coaching experience called Ascend for Eat Like Us! where members can have instant access to a health coach. It's the first personal coaching experience that instantly connects health and wellness professionals to their clients through a members only area!.
Eat Like Us! is continually enhancing and improving the weight-loss experience for members. Check out our blog for our most recent features and articles.
How Eat Like Us is 
helping real people

Garima says:

A note on some of the good things that have happened with me this year since I started my program.
I have lost lbs of body fat and gained muscle and expect to lose more as time goes by. My blood pressure is down my stress levels are down, My waist has decreased in size , I am stronger and able to do sustained exercise for much longer, I was reluctant to try the program because I have tried other programs. I am glad now that I talked myself into it, and I really enjoy the way I feel. It feels like my biological clock as been turned back

Lucy says:

I really enjoyed working out with my teammates. When you get tired and close to the breaking point, it really helps seeing your brother in arms struggling right next to you and you just keep pushing so you don’t let them down. The encouragement and comradery was awesome and I can't wait for the next 4 week challenge to begin & a massive thank you to the coaches who put on this AMAZING FREE BOOTCAMP!

Neiko says:

This program has been "INCREDIBLE" it's perfect as it doesn't matter what your shape, size, age..... you are able to achieve your goals. I can't believe how quickly I am seeing results and already feel so much fitter and better about myself. With the right mindset, you are guaranteed results.

Sabrina says:

To say I enjoy this program is an understatement and I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go, when I started I was very overweight and I have been surprised at how much my body fat has reduced, I never thought I'd be able to do it. 
The cherry on the cake is being able to fit into those jeans you have kept in the back of the wardrobe on the pretext that "I will slim into these one day" is the best feeling in the world"